We speak English, not technology

The cybersecurity industry is so full of acronyms and scary sounding words, it can seem like a foreign language - so we try keep things simple.

We’re published writers on IT security in business magazines and websites, so we’re used to getting the point across and speaking your language.  Cybersecurity is so new that much of the language has come straight from the IT industry which isn’t generally the most approachable for many people.

The temptation for technical writers is to pepper their reports with buzzwords.  We try to ensure that we explain things that may not be obvious and we only use acronyms or terminology where they convey an important, useful and unambiguous message.

In our reports we also use an unambiguous four-colour traffic light system to make it very clear where you stand.

  • GREEN — items that conform to best practice
  • BLUE — informational items that could be optimised or may benefit from a future review
  • AMBER — advisory issues that we recommend addressing to keep your business secure
  • RED — critical issues that must be addressed as soon as possible







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