Interim CISO service

We can act as your Interim Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - giving your board access to an experienced cyber-aware team member who can ask all the right questions.

Our virtual CISO – or Interim Chief Information Security Officer – is an ideal solution for mid-sized businesses.  As shown in many recent cyber attacks, a lack of technical knowledge or situational awareness at board level can prove costly.  If you’re serious about building your cyber skills you need access to reliable industry knowledge.

If you have a cyber project in mind, we ensure the right policies are in place.  We can go on to support the implementation – monitoring both output and outcome.  Furthermore, we are on hand to provide training and education as required.  We’ll help make sense of what probably seems like a technology and regulatory maze.

Better still, a virtual CISO can be brought in as required.  There are none of the costs of a permanent hire, making it a low-risk appointment.


A balanced view

If you believe the headlines then businesses are facing a huge onslaught.  Everyone from script kiddies, criminal gages and Nation States could be after your business through a cyber attack.

But did you know that 13% of the breaches reported to the ICO in Q2 2017 were down to sticking the wrong address on an envelope?

Boards need to understand the true cyber threat in context with other business risks.  As we’re vendor independent, we’re not there to sell you a product or service based on fear.  We can give you a balanced view.



With the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force, we can provide your business with the right strategies to meet your regulatory requirements.  Don’t fall for the hype: you don’t need to be ‘certified’ (no such certification exists, by the way) – but you are expected to follow best practise.


Security Audits

If you’re part of a supply chain, then you’ll be seeing a lot more security audits in the future.  Ever more complicated with ever more stipulations, they may look frightening – particularly if you cannot meet all of their technical requirements!

We can provide help and assistance in completing audits, presenting a robust plan to meet or exceed client requirements.





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