Will GDPR breed a new type of phish?

18th January 2018 Research

Fear and uncertainty: the tools of the social engineer

The uncertainty about the new rights of data subjects will open the door to identity phishing as social engineers leverage the fear of landmark fines.

Next Generation Mirai targets ARC devices

16th January 2018 Research

1.5 billion ARC based IoT devices produced each year

If you're looking for the IoT botnet of the future then look no further than this beastie.

The human factors of notifiable DP breaches

14th January 2018 Research

Understanding the human factors behind information security

Human factors are not studied in any great depth - yet over half of notifiable data protection breaches in the last two years have been the result of human error.

Script kiddies already trying to compile Meltdown and Spectre flaws

10th January 2018 Research

Give us some help here!

As soon as the snippets of concept code hit the Internet, the inevitable happened as technical forums and blogs were hit by script kiddies asking for help.

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