Practical tourism cybersecurity

The travel industry is a prime target for fraudsters - this non-technical tour will provide a wealth of practical, low-cost advice without the jargon

Intermediate cyber security for Scottish travel and tourism businesses




Half day

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The travel industry is already prime target for fraud.  From skimming customer credit cards and cloning of adverts to money laundering – fraudsters can enjoy a healthy 100% profit at your expense.

With the loss of Visit Scotland offices and many local bank branches, smaller tourism businesses are now being forced to take the digital plunge without adequate safeguards or training.  Often, advice is limited to that given free by a web designer or computer repair shop.  Advice that will rarely take into account the risks specific to the tourism industry – and with the high volume of seasonal staff, this leaves businesses wide open to abuse.


Planning can make all the difference

With a little planning, micro tourism businesses can make themselves massively more resilient, either for free or at least very low cost.  Our advice is bang up to date – combining 25 years of  cyber security experience with the latest guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and research from over 50 different cyber security companies – all written around the needs of the travel and tourism industry.


It is recommended that businesses attend Cyber security for Scottish travel and tourism businesses prior to attending this course.

Delegates will learn how to:

  1. Set up a basic guest WiFi network and keep it secure
  2. Update and secure connected devices such as web cameras and backup
  3. Safely share computers, devices and accounts with seasonal staff
  4. Provide basic training to seasonal staff about phishing and social engineering
  5. Protect their website and domain name
  6. Find fraudulent adverts for their business

This is a non-technical course designed for larger tourist businesses that regularly employ seasonal staff or have more complex needs such as guest WiFi or online booking. You only need basic computer skills to attend and get the most out of this course.

Course outline

  • DON'T PANIC - breaking down the cybersecurity hype
  • We take a trip to the "Dark Web" (it's not so scary)
  • The principle of separation
  • Basic network components
  • Internet of Things including Cameras
  • Spear phishing and social engineering
  • Website security basics

Your tutor

Your tutor is a 25 year veteran of cyber-security - having been on the front line: designing, building and running secure websites and applications to process business-critical and personally identifiable information (PII) for some of the most cyber-targeted organisations on the planet.

From the German and Japanese car industries, the global diamond industry, international and off-shore finance, through to the UK government - he has been pitched against everything from script kiddies to motivated and well-financed international gangs who have openly contacted clients to annouce that they will be disrupting their operations.

With experience throughout the supply chain, he has worked as both poacher and game-keeper - both setting and delivering against standards such as ISO27001. This has given him a unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of every part of the value chain from the consuming enterprises, through cloud and managed services providers right down to the micro-businesses and sub-contractors that are often the real providers.

FREE course materials

Comprehensive course notes are available during the session for you to take away with you and share with your colleagues.

FREE course updates

Our course notes are regularly updated because the security landscape is changing every day.  If you sign up to our mailing list as a delegate, you get free access to all future updates by e-mail.

Course fees

All of our training is offered on a not for profit basis and all courses are delivered free of charge. A small contribution towards travel costs and subsistence is normaly requested.

This course is intended for Tourist Boards and Chambers of Commerce to offer for up to 16 delegates.

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