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ICO website still down after crypto-mining hack

12th February 2018 News

Subresource Integrity wasn't turned on

Over 4,000 websites - including a large number of UK Government and NHS websites - were compromised after a hack on a popular accessibility plugin.

Business Gateway publishes bad cyber security advice

2nd February 2018 News

Poor advice for Scottish businesses

Scotland's business support network Business Gateway recommends "changing passwords regularly" - advice which was discredited in back in 2015.

DNS hijack leads to theft of $400,000 in cryptocurrency

15th January 2018 News DNS hijacked to steal Stellar Lumen cryptocurrency

Hackers once again target DNS servers in another get-rich-quick cryptocurrency scam-o-rama.

Cyber incidents for 2017 show Ransomware affect

13th January 2018 News

39% of cyber breaches from malware and phishing

In 2017, the ICO changed the way cyber incidents were reported to a more relevant format.

Leicester City Council data breach

13th January 2018 News

Hundreds, possibly thousands of vulnerable children at risk

Leicester City Council inadvertently disclosed details of "hundreds, potentially thousands" of vulnerable people.

Full threat of Intel / AMD / ARM vulnerabilities coming clear

3rd January 2018 News

Billions of devices at risk

This is not a drill. The sky isn't falling yet, but two new attack vectors have been been found and almost every processor made since 1995 is affected.

Serious Intel flaw found

2nd January 2018 News

Affects processors going back a decade

This is the big one. A performance feature inside Intel silicon could be exploited to read memory from other processes.

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